There Dwells Within
Obruchev by Repin (1901)

There Dwells Within

In the center of my being
there dwells within my heart
Something that is so wondrous
I doubt I can impart
There are no words to describe
what actually transpires
When in the presence of another
He reaches out to inspire.

There is always a connection
and I control the way
The Spirit reaches out to those
I encounter in my day.
When I allow the Holy Spirit
to take complete control
There is always, a peacefulness
I feel deep in my soul.

I come away enriched, refreshed
for letting Spirit have its way
And know He has reached out and helped
a fellow traveler on his way.
I boast not, that it was me at all
that did anything worthwhile
For it was my Heavenly Father's work
that is more His Style.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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