Come Into the Silence
Photography by Nina Langford

Come Into the Silence

Come into the silence ... I will meet you there.
We will sit and contemplate ... our spirits to merge and share
You will feel the gentle whisper, your heart will know I'm there.
In this quiet timeless void, is the answer to your prayer.

This invitation is to one and all, some will heed the call,
Knowing that I hold the answers and will give them all.
The heart must open wider, for My Spirit to enfold
I will share with My Creation, all those things foretold.

Sit quietly now, and receive from Me, Heavenly Visions from above.
Still your heart and listen, let Me tell you of My LOVE.
There is nowhere that I am not, I have a place within your heart.
You are filled with My Very Essence so we can never be apart.

You are not there, I am here, that is not the way
That I deal with My Creation each and every day.
Each of you makes up the whole of life that I designed,
It is ever changing, and does so in the Mind.

I know you cannot comprehend, but that does not make it not so.
You cannot describe the wind, but you can feel it when it does blow.
Just put your faith and trust in ME, the caretaker of your soul
And know that you are always loved, come now, let's take a stroll.

(c) 2007 Karen Langford Brown

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