Blessings In The Moment
Photography by Nina Langford

Blessings In The Moment

Stop yourself in this very moment
and look around for God's touch.
Chances are that you will find it
when you don't stress overmuch.
The moments of our life are fleeting
and are gone so very fast
That if we don't pay attention
they quickly become part of our past.
These moments are truly a gift from God
and they make up our life
When we choose to find God in the moment,
we must give up all strife.
His blessings are poured out each morning
upon one and all.
We have to be ready to receive them
we must heed His call ...
Come one! Come all! I freely give
unto you this day,
Blessings poured out from Heaven
that are sent your way.
Stay awake! Look up! I bid you to see
just what I have in store
For all of those who love Me,
I have blessings forevermore.

(c) 2008 Karen Langford Brown

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