Cherish the Love
A Childhood Idyll (1900) by William Adolphe Bouguereau

Cherish the Love

Cherish the moments in which love is sent
and live the joy that it will bring.
Take hold and remember that what God sends
will cause your heart to sing.
Love will always be the answer
in whatever you may face
And it is always sent to you
by His Amazing Grace.
Love will always be the answer
and if you believe it to be so,
God will always lead you
wherever you may go.
He will fill your heart with gladness
and will always show
The good in all encounters
as you stay in the flow.
Let love be the guiding force
as you go on your way today.
Ask how you may be a blessing
to someone else along the way.
May His love always surround you
and may you be filled with peace.
On your journey ever near to Him,
may His wonders never cease.

2008 Karen Langford Brown

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