What Really Matters
Photography by Nina Langford

What Really Matters

If you were to lose all you had
what would you have then?
Is who you are tied into things
would you just begin again?
Human Beings thru the ages
was the name given to us
We've not been called Human Doings
so this we must discuss.
We all know very well
what it means to do
But to "just be" takes courage
and gives another view.
Be still and know that I AM, GOD
was a command from long ago
But in the busy world we have made
how little did we know...
What it would take to get our attention
to steer us back on course
To get our hearts in line with Him
the One who is our Source.
So be still today and listen
no greater mentor can be found.
Look around and see what matters
His Miracles still abound.
Give your attention to the good things
that will matter in the end
And let Him take you by the hand
He is your Dearest Friend!

(c) 2009 Karen Langford Brown

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